The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For

injury - The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For

Sports come in varying shapes and flavors. While there are sports that keep you ensconced and free to work within your own bubble, there are sports that require actual physical contact with other players. These types of sports are quite popular across the world.

Sports like American Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Mixed-Martial Arts, and so many others are contact sports. This means that the players or athletes need to physically pit against opponents in order to win. The physical exertion can lead to physical injuries. Here are a few common injuries that tend to happen around contact sports:

Broken Bones

This is one of the more unfortunate risks that athletes take when the engage is physically demanding activities like contact sports. In sports like Football and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), broken bones are a regular part of the territory.

In football, you have to physically restrain your opponents from making it to the goal—even if that means tackling them to the ground after running at full speed. Broken bones can be dangerous if no immediate medical aid is provided. With care and medical help, broken bones can mend.

sprian - The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For


Most people believe that sprains are wholly restricted to one’s ankles. The truth is sprains can happen anywhere. You can sprain your wrists and even your fingers. Basically any point of articulation of your body can be the subject of a sprain.

If people who get sprained aren’t careful, they can subject themselves to chronic pain in that particular area.


When you’re part of really physical sports, your head can take some really hard knocks. In the world of wrestling and MMA, concussions are particularly dangerous because with all the adrenaline that’s still pumping, it can be easy to mistake the symptoms of a concussion with something else entirely.

People who are in charge of the athletes that go into contact sport must make it a point to be truly familiar with the signs and symptoms of concussions so that it may be addressed immediately. Brain injuries are tricky and will always need immediate medical intervention. There have been some cases where a concussion was misdiagnosed and the patient suffered further.

Our Takeaway

Injuries are fairly common in the world of contact sports. This does not mean, however, that you we should simply expect them to occur and be done with it. We believe that being aware of the different sorts of common injuries can actually help people safeguard against it a lot better. Also, in the instance that it does occur, those involved would be better equipped to handle the situation.

Do you have experience with contact sports? What sorts of injuries have you seen happen in that particular field?

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