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Sports through the Seasons: Why Rotating Your Sporting Schedule is Good

z2 - Sports through the Seasons: Why Rotating Your Sporting Schedule is Good

When it comes to those who are highly active, but not wholly committed to a single sport, in the field of athletics it will be highly important to think of the schedule of your activities. Today, we wanted to take a closer look at why rotating your sporting schedule is actually a good thing.

In the USA, the seasons play a big part in the type of sports that you can play. There are indoor sports like basketball which don’t really get a break but the outdoor sports like Football and soccer that really give athletes a dire pause. Winter is no joke and it can really hamper an athlete’s progress. So with that in mind, here are other reasons why rotating your sports schedule is good:

All-Round Workout

While a lot of people tend to think that all sports work out the same part of the body, this is hardly the case. There are sports like tennis which work out the arms and there are sports like swimming that really make people invest in their legs and stamina.

z1 - Sports through the Seasons: Why Rotating Your Sporting Schedule is Good

When you take a break from one sport and try out another, you work out different part of your body. You even reprogram the way your mind works. After all, each sport has different rules which they adhere to and it’s a good challenge to meet.

Growing Your Network

Different sports means coming across different people. There is no law that says you should only associate with the people of your regular sport. Meeting new people is always one of the best parts of sports in general.

When you take time to get to know the people that are into different sporting activities, you afford yourself better learning opportunities. After all, different people can give us a peek at the perspectives that they carry in their lives and can make their way into our own.

Finding Your Way

Growth is an ever present aspect of our lives. If we stick to just one thing, we end up passing over the lessons that we can learn from other activities and other people. Trying out other sports as the seasons change is a good way to find out more about you and your preferences.

z3 - Sports through the Seasons: Why Rotating Your Sporting Schedule is Good

If you give yourself the chance to try out different sporting events available as the seasons change, you just might end up surprising yourself.

Our Takeaway

Planning is a significant part of any sporting activity. Not only will it help you better understand what your goal is; it will also give you a better idea of what you can be part of in your quest to be athletic and active. As the seasons change, the types of sports available change too. It would be smart for every athletic person to really consider the options that are there.

When the seasons change, do you change which sport you indulge in? What options do you consider?

More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

jj3 - More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

One of the reasons why the world of sports has lasted this long is because of how well-loved the fans feel when they support a particular team or a particular sport. Today, we wanted to shine a light on some of the best examples of love given by a team or a particular sport for their fans.

Of course, we’re talking about the fan giveaways that they have held through the years. We’re going to be focusing on the sort of thing that they decided to give their fans and why it’s pretty darn great. For example:

Beer Steins

If there was anything that a majority of sports lovers adore more than the sport itself, it would be indulging in some nice beer brews while enjoying the sport. It was pretty great then that the St. Louis Cardinals Memphis Redbirds decided to combine these two great things together.

They gave away beer steins to nearly 27,000 fans!

Limited Edition Articles of Clothing

This is one of the more common giveaways that sports teams tend to do all over the world. Articles of clothing like shirts, caps, and other forms of paraphernalia are quire important to fans. This allows them to showcase their loyalties proudly.

jj - More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

Limited edition articles of clothing can also help fans earn a little something extra on the side. If they’re able to part with such keepsakes, the sale for such things can really go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Yes, we were quite taken aback with this one as well but it has been known to happen. For example, Mercedes-Benz put up on of their luxury cars for a lucky fan for this year’s Super Bowl! Many luxury car brands have made it a point to be part of large sporting events and give back to the community.

Not only does it build more hype for the event but it also generates brand loyalty—not a bad deal at all!

Our Takeaway

The world of sports has always been a give and take when it comes to the athletes and their fans. In order for a sport to sustain itself, it does need to be supported by their fans that keep the industry going. It is actually quite good business sense for a sports team to give their fans a lot of incentive to keep supporting them.

Not only would the fans be heavily invested in the progress of the team but it also triggers the reward centers in their brains. Have you ever received a giveaway from a sports team that you support? What did you get?

Runner’s Prep: How to Prepare for a 5K Run

5k - Runner’s Prep: How to Prepare for a 5K Run

We take our hats off to anyone who attempts to complete a run—no matter how short or long it is. Running is a truly challenging feat especially for relative newbies who are aiming to run 5K. In light of this, we wanted to share some of our own tips on how to effectively and safely prepare for a 5K run.

When undertaking a 5K Run, you should:

Plan Your Meals

Running will definitely use up a lot of your energy. In order to sustain that energy—especially over long distances—you should plan your meals wisely. Try to avoid any foods that would compromise your overall strength like the ones that are high in saturated fats and oils.

Instead, consider doing research regarding what would be best for you to obtain your ideal weight and build. You shouldn’t just think about what to eat before the run. You should also consider your post-run meal as you will consume a significant amount of energy and will need that sufficiently restored.

Sustain Bodily Fluids

Anyone who is an avid fan of running will tell you how thirsty it can make you. You can drink buckets of water and still feel like you haven’t had a drop of water in your veins. This is because your muscles are looking for suitable replacement of all the liquids that it had to expend in order to keep you running at the pace of your choosing.

Consider researching what sort of liquids would be best for you to recuperate what you’ve lost. It would be good if you are able to consult a nutritionist to get the best sort of information on how to recuperate lost liquids.

imgg - Runner’s Prep: How to Prepare for a 5K Run

Get a Lot of Cardio In

Running is all about the built up strength of your lungs, your legs, and your feet. It is the cohesive performance of your body that will enable you to achieve your goal. In order for you to be in the best physical condition for a run, it will require a lot of training on your behalf.

Consider taking up a lot of cardio for a few hours a day and then extend it a few minutes per day. This will help your body start to get used to the exertion without shocking your system.

Rest Up

Yes, this is one tip that catches most people by surprise. Rest is a critical part of the preparation process. After all, if you keep pushing yourself to the limit without giving your body time to recover, you’ll be running on fumes on the day of the marathon itself.

Our Takeaway

Commitment, dedication, and a heck of a lot of effort are needed to really pull off a 5K. While this may sound quite intimidating, it is wholly doable. When it comes to conquering something challenging you really needs to have a good idea of your goals and a highly supporting network of friends and family to see you through.

While a 5K can seem like something that you accomplish by yourself, it takes the collective effort of a lot of people to get you through the finish line. Have you been part of a marathon before? What are you prep tips for it?

As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

skate3 - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

There is beauty that can be found in the midst of human athletics. Sports have long suffered to be something that was solely “for men” as they used to call it. However, we firmly believe that there is a highly feminine beauty that is found in sports as well. Specifically, we’re considering Figure Skating to be the very best example of feminine strength and beauty in sport.

Today, we wanted to address a question that was asked through our hotline. Someone asked us, why would figure skating be an excellent sport? It gave us a lot of things to think about and we had these particular points in response:

skate2 - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

The Techniques

It takes more than just being able to find your balance on solid ice to be a figure skater. Those that are actively part of figure skating will tell you that one of the hardest things about it is being comfortable about throwing your body into the air.

There are a lot of other techniques which require a lot of practice and a lot of pain to get right. Then it’s an entirely different thing to take those techniques and put them together for a seamless and effective program.

The Discipline

Any athlete will tell you that they will need discipline in order to succeed at their chosen sport. However, figure skaters seem to have taken that to a whole new level altogether. In order to be an effective skater, they undergo harsh physical training and a sustained diet that goes beyond their performance seasons.

Skaters train for about 60% of any given day and that number goes up when they’re about to join a competition. The sheer mental toughness that’s needed to be a skater is frankly incomprehensible for many.

The Marriage of Athletics and Arts

Humans love art. We find our way to it in the dark every time. No matter what period in our collective human history, there have been fine examples of artistic accomplishments through various mediums. Dance and music are considered great art forms.

Skating combines the sheer steely physical prowess and the softness of dance and music. Skaters can create stories out of their bodies and through their movement. If there was ever an excellent example of why skating is a fascinating sport, it would be this.

skate - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

Our Takeaway

Figure Skating is an Olympic sport for a reason—not just anyone can do it. It takes a different type of person to be able to combine the sheer physical exertion along with the sublime delicacy of artistic movement and drama. Those who are part of the figure skating world do a lot to showcase the sheer excellence of unifying athletics and art as a movement!

It gives us a ton of picturesque moments that are beautiful enough to be put in a frame, don’t you think?

The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For

injury - The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For

Sports come in varying shapes and flavors. While there are sports that keep you ensconced and free to work within your own bubble, there are sports that require actual physical contact with other players. These types of sports are quite popular across the world.

Sports like American Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Mixed-Martial Arts, and so many others are contact sports. This means that the players or athletes need to physically pit against opponents in order to win. The physical exertion can lead to physical injuries. Here are a few common injuries that tend to happen around contact sports:

Broken Bones

This is one of the more unfortunate risks that athletes take when the engage is physically demanding activities like contact sports. In sports like Football and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), broken bones are a regular part of the territory.

In football, you have to physically restrain your opponents from making it to the goal—even if that means tackling them to the ground after running at full speed. Broken bones can be dangerous if no immediate medical aid is provided. With care and medical help, broken bones can mend.

sprian - The Risks of Contact Sport: Common Injuries You Should Look Out For


Most people believe that sprains are wholly restricted to one’s ankles. The truth is sprains can happen anywhere. You can sprain your wrists and even your fingers. Basically any point of articulation of your body can be the subject of a sprain.

If people who get sprained aren’t careful, they can subject themselves to chronic pain in that particular area.


When you’re part of really physical sports, your head can take some really hard knocks. In the world of wrestling and MMA, concussions are particularly dangerous because with all the adrenaline that’s still pumping, it can be easy to mistake the symptoms of a concussion with something else entirely.

People who are in charge of the athletes that go into contact sport must make it a point to be truly familiar with the signs and symptoms of concussions so that it may be addressed immediately. Brain injuries are tricky and will always need immediate medical intervention. There have been some cases where a concussion was misdiagnosed and the patient suffered further.

Our Takeaway

Injuries are fairly common in the world of contact sports. This does not mean, however, that you we should simply expect them to occur and be done with it. We believe that being aware of the different sorts of common injuries can actually help people safeguard against it a lot better. Also, in the instance that it does occur, those involved would be better equipped to handle the situation.

Do you have experience with contact sports? What sorts of injuries have you seen happen in that particular field?

Athletic Excellence: Why Do People Pursue Sport?

sp2 - Athletic Excellence: Why Do People Pursue Sport?

The whole concept of sports is one which has rather deep links to our continued progress as a species. Humans have a rather intimate relationship with the entire idea of sports. We have used our innate athletic prowess to survive the wilderness and it is still something that we use to survive today in our plush homes and bustling metropolis.

It is our fervent belief that people will always continue to pursue sport. If you’re wondering why, here are a few good reasons:

Better Quality of Living

Sports nowadays can be easily attributed to high paying jobs and better opportunities. Sports for young kids mean chances at scholarships and better education. Adults pursue sports on the behalf of their young in order to secure that better future for them.

The general quality of living is greatly elevated simply because sports exist. Everyone just wants to have a good life and sports is a gateway toward that elevated quality of existence.

sp1 - Athletic Excellence: Why Do People Pursue Sport?

Health Benefits

Athletic excellence is always correlated with better physical and mental health. People who are athletic and actively take part in sports usually experience a ton of physical and mental benefits. Their stamina is better and they get to enjoy a regular release of endorphins which keep them happy and well-adjusted.

There are a lot of physical ailments which can be handled with regular exercise. Sports provide that physical exertion so people can basically battle several birds with one stone—so to speak.

Our Takeaway

People will continue to pursue sports no matter how much time has gone by. The critical skills and the physical benefits simply cannot be overstated and will be something that people will want for themselves. We honestly can’t blame them for it—in fact, we applaud it wholeheartedly. We certainly think that more people should continue to pursue sport (if they aren’t already).

Do you like sports? In your opinion, why do you think people continue to pursue sports?

The Beauty in Team Sport: Essential Skills You Pick Up As Part of a Team

img3 - The Beauty in Team Sport: Essential Skills You Pick Up As Part of a Team

If there was ever a type of sport that was just dripping with popularity, it would have to be team sports. Team sports do more than just entertain those that watch it. It provides a world of benefits for those who are actually part of it.

Here are a few essential skills that people tend to pick up as part of a team in team sports:

img2 - The Beauty in Team Sport: Essential Skills You Pick Up As Part of a Team

Team Work

While this may seem rather basic, there are a lot of individuals going around that simply do not understand what this means. Team work is the understanding that more than just you that is important. While you may feel like you are contributing a significant amount of effort, it is not just you that is seen—it is the team.


In team sport, when you flub something up, you need to answer for it. Team sports helps individuals develop the capability to accept that something what indeed their fault and get past it. A lot of issues that occur in social networks stems from the inability to be accountable for words said and actions done.

Pressure Management

Being part of a team sport is tough. Life is tougher. All the pressure that comes from doing the right thing at the right moment in team sports can help you build safeguards for your psyche. This can help you better handle pressure in other areas of your life like social interactions and eventual jobs.

img - The Beauty in Team Sport: Essential Skills You Pick Up As Part of a Team

Our Takeaway

The skills that you pick up as a part of a team are the same things that can be used in other parts of your life. We firmly believe that more people do need to learn those skills in order to be well-rounded individuals. After all, we are all on this planet together. If our history is to move forward, we need to have the necessary skills to ensure that we get there.

Do you take part of team sports? What sort of skills have you picked up along the way?