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Hello! We want to give you a resounding welcome to HD Mavs! We’re glad that you are taking time to get to know us better.

This site started as the brain child of our lovely Ruth Brandy. She was raised by sports nuts and naturally turned into one herself. She grew up enjoying the sports of basketball and soccer. The love for those sports carried well into her adulthood and is something that she avidly promotes. It is from this fire that people were drawn in—the very people that ended up building this website with her.

All of us carry an innate love for sport—regardless of what sport that may be. We believe that more people should get into sports regardless of age or financial situation. There is a wealth of benefits that can be reaped from partaking in sports and that is something that we want everyone to have.

Our articles will all be featuring sports in general. It doesn’t have to just be sport. If it is something that is relevant to athletic excellence, we’re going to be all over that. If there is anything in particular that you would like for us to touch upon, you can reach us at 614-451-0590.