More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

jj3 - More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

One of the reasons why the world of sports has lasted this long is because of how well-loved the fans feel when they support a particular team or a particular sport. Today, we wanted to shine a light on some of the best examples of love given by a team or a particular sport for their fans.

Of course, we’re talking about the fan giveaways that they have held through the years. We’re going to be focusing on the sort of thing that they decided to give their fans and why it’s pretty darn great. For example:

Beer Steins

If there was anything that a majority of sports lovers adore more than the sport itself, it would be indulging in some nice beer brews while enjoying the sport. It was pretty great then that the St. Louis Cardinals Memphis Redbirds decided to combine these two great things together.

They gave away beer steins to nearly 27,000 fans!

Limited Edition Articles of Clothing

This is one of the more common giveaways that sports teams tend to do all over the world. Articles of clothing like shirts, caps, and other forms of paraphernalia are quire important to fans. This allows them to showcase their loyalties proudly.

jj - More Reasons to Love Sports: Best Fan Giveaways in Sports

Limited edition articles of clothing can also help fans earn a little something extra on the side. If they’re able to part with such keepsakes, the sale for such things can really go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Yes, we were quite taken aback with this one as well but it has been known to happen. For example, Mercedes-Benz put up on of their luxury cars for a lucky fan for this year’s Super Bowl! Many luxury car brands have made it a point to be part of large sporting events and give back to the community.

Not only does it build more hype for the event but it also generates brand loyalty—not a bad deal at all!

Our Takeaway

The world of sports has always been a give and take when it comes to the athletes and their fans. In order for a sport to sustain itself, it does need to be supported by their fans that keep the industry going. It is actually quite good business sense for a sports team to give their fans a lot of incentive to keep supporting them.

Not only would the fans be heavily invested in the progress of the team but it also triggers the reward centers in their brains. Have you ever received a giveaway from a sports team that you support? What did you get?

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