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Hello! We want to give you a resounding welcome to HD Mavs! As you may know, we are a website that is completely dedicated to the topic of sports and athletic pursuit. We carry the belief that people should learn more about sports and why it is an activity that is worth being part of. In order to achieve the desired effect, we will need to keep talking about the latest in sporting updates.

The world of sports is one which is constantly evolving and practically shifting overnight. We need more than just the people that we have now in order to really provide a critical service for our readers. This is why we are looking for more contributors to join our team!

Why Be a Contributor?

Contributors are a breed apart from full-time writers that we have on. Article contributors are able to enjoy a certain amount of freedom that our regular writers to not. In fact, here are a few perks you get to enjoy as a contributor:

Topic Freedom

You write about whatever you want to write about regarding the world of sports. Our regular writers will have to establish and develop content based on a carefully planned set of predetermined information. Contributors get to simply write about what they choose.

Flexible Deadlines

If you have a particular article brewing, you give us a set date or dates and that’s when your deadline will be.

If you believe that you would like to be an article contributor for HD Mavs, please reach out to our site head: Ruth Brandy. She’ll help you get started on your contributor’s test which will help you be a regular part of this site.