As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

skate3 - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

There is beauty that can be found in the midst of human athletics. Sports have long suffered to be something that was solely “for men” as they used to call it. However, we firmly believe that there is a highly feminine beauty that is found in sports as well. Specifically, we’re considering Figure Skating to be the very best example of feminine strength and beauty in sport.

Today, we wanted to address a question that was asked through our hotline. Someone asked us, why would figure skating be an excellent sport? It gave us a lot of things to think about and we had these particular points in response:

skate2 - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

The Techniques

It takes more than just being able to find your balance on solid ice to be a figure skater. Those that are actively part of figure skating will tell you that one of the hardest things about it is being comfortable about throwing your body into the air.

There are a lot of other techniques which require a lot of practice and a lot of pain to get right. Then it’s an entirely different thing to take those techniques and put them together for a seamless and effective program.

The Discipline

Any athlete will tell you that they will need discipline in order to succeed at their chosen sport. However, figure skaters seem to have taken that to a whole new level altogether. In order to be an effective skater, they undergo harsh physical training and a sustained diet that goes beyond their performance seasons.

Skaters train for about 60% of any given day and that number goes up when they’re about to join a competition. The sheer mental toughness that’s needed to be a skater is frankly incomprehensible for many.

The Marriage of Athletics and Arts

Humans love art. We find our way to it in the dark every time. No matter what period in our collective human history, there have been fine examples of artistic accomplishments through various mediums. Dance and music are considered great art forms.

Skating combines the sheer steely physical prowess and the softness of dance and music. Skaters can create stories out of their bodies and through their movement. If there was ever an excellent example of why skating is a fascinating sport, it would be this.

skate - As Pretty As a Picture: Why Is Figure Skating an Excellent Sport?

Our Takeaway

Figure Skating is an Olympic sport for a reason—not just anyone can do it. It takes a different type of person to be able to combine the sheer physical exertion along with the sublime delicacy of artistic movement and drama. Those who are part of the figure skating world do a lot to showcase the sheer excellence of unifying athletics and art as a movement!

It gives us a ton of picturesque moments that are beautiful enough to be put in a frame, don’t you think?

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